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Lessons and Instruction

101 Slap Bass Guitar Riffs By Jim Lee.
FunkyChops Video Download. Play Bass Guitar Like a Pro.

Barry Harris - Jazz Education And Performance.
The Official Barry Harris Website. The premier source for jazz education and musical performance information. Barry Harris is an Internationally renowned Jazz Pianist, Composer and Teacher. Dr. Harris is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Northwestern University. He has received the Living Jazz Legacy award from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Association, and an American Jazz Masters Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition, Dr. Harris received...

Fun Music Software.
Music Software that makes learning the piano easy and fun! Hi, I'm Dr. Anthony Fernando and I'd like to welcome you to If you've been searching for a fun way to teach your children how to read music then perhaps I can help. A few years ago I was in exactly the same position as you. I was searching for a piano software program to help my nephew Michael learn his piano notes.

Guitar E-Nstructor.
Online guitar lessons with Guitar E-nstructor. Dear Guitar Player For over two decades I have played guitar. Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Latin. You name it. This wonderful instrument has been part of my life since I was 8 years old, it is like an extension of my spirit. Playing guitar is such a fun and rewarding experience, yet most people fail at it. The truth is, learning is not easy, not with conventional systems. So I took this challenge: to build a guitar system that would be intuitive and simple to use, so that more people could...

Guitar Lessons Pro.
Guitar Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Players, will improve your playing immediately in only 20 lessons. Your Ultimate Source For Learning To Play Guitar! Contact Learn to play Guitar Leads and Solos, learn how to play your Favorite Songs, learn all about Guitar Chords, how to Read Tablature, learn about Music Theory, Guitar Scales, Guitar Licks, Playing the Blues and more!!! The lessons described on this page will teach you how to play the guitar like you have always dreamed of playing. Picture yourself playing hot guitar leads and solos and easily playing the songs you have always...

Guitar Scales Method.
Multimedia software for mastering guitar scales and improvisation. Guitar scales, modes, improvisation training method. Learn to play scales and modes in any key, on any chords, all over the fretboard, effortlessly and without hesitation with the GSM software course.

How To Play The Accordion.
The Only Accordion Course For Beginners eBook On The Net! You are about to discover the Most Amazing method on how to play the accordion! Whether you want to start a band, perform at clubs, personal enjoyment or just want to become a great accordionist, then you have come to the right place. I think you'll impress yourself! You can replay each video clip as many times as you like. You can replay each lesson - see and hear over and over how it's played!

Instant Piano Chord Finder.
Instant Piano Chords Finder software. iano Chord Chart On your computer desktop! Find Piano Chords Instantly! Download it right now to your desktop so you can look up any chord instantly!

Learn Faster With Express Guitar.
Fast-selling product that has high customer satisfaction ratings. Play faster with Express Guitar. STOP! The Struggle ...Discover How A 24 Year Old Newbie Guitarist Is Making THREE Times More Progress Than His Ex-Guitar Teacher On The Internet! Here's The First Easy Step Of Quickly & Easily Playing All Of YOUR Favorite Songs On Guitar. Using A Never Before Discovered, Step-By-Step Learn Guitar System And See Results ... In As Little As 10 Minutes ...

Learn To Play Electronic Keyboards.
Learn To Play Electronic Keyboards is a course of 18 keyboard lessons including how to read sheet music. If it is a quick and easy electronic keyboard course that you are looking for then 'Learn To Play Keyboard' is hard to beat. It is a step-by-step instruction guide that takes you from an absolute beginner to an accomplished musician in 18 carefully constructed keyboard lessons and has been selling well on the Net for over 10 years. The keyboard lessons, compiled in a digital ebook format, are available for immediate download. They give you all the tools, everything you need to play keyboards well... immediately. Thousands of satisfied users have downloaded my keyboard course and you can be the next to find out how easy and enjoyable music really is.

Musicians - Play Better With QuickBeat.
Play better by jamming with a drummer Designed for beginner-pro guitarists, QuickBeat is the next best thing to playing with a real drummer. Ask any pro, jamming with a drummer is one of the fastest ways to improve as a player. QuickBeat simulates playing with a real drummer, and you can download QuickBeat now.

Piano Online Multimedia Instruction.
An Online Piano Instruction Series. Play Piano Like a PRO! If We Agree to Certain RULES, I Can Teach YOU to Play Piano - Despite EXPERIENCE or AGE. (IF We Don't... I CAN'T!) Learn to Play Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Cocktail and Smooth Jazz Piano! Play Piano - Music is Sound Learning! Your Success is ASSURED..

Read Ledger Line Notes - Fast!
Learn to read ledger line notes - easily and quickly! Can you read all the ledger line notes on the piano keyboard? Neither could I ... until I discovered a powerful new technique that makes reading ledger line notes a breeze!

Read Music Notes Easily - For Children.
How your child or student can read music notes - easily and quickly! How your child can read music notes -- easily and quickly! If you are a parent or music teacher with children taking piano lessons, then this might be the most important suggestion you will ever receive.

Rocket Piano - Learn Piano Today!
From the makers of Jamorama, includes video lessons plus numerous games. The easy way to learn piano. Over 85,000 people have learned to play with Rocket Piano. Isn't it time you got the structured learning you've been missing?

Screamingfingers Guitar Website.
warning...! don't spend another second playing guitar until you've read this! learn to play lead guitar at screaming, mind-numbing, finger-shredding, guitar-shattering, fret-melting speeds! now you can discover the amazing and closely guarded speed picking secrets of the pros. never before has this important, revolutionary, legend-making information been revealed...

Singorama - Essential Guide To Singing.
Attention: If you’re struggling to sing with the vocal range, rhythm and timing that you need and you want to make dramatic improvements within 3 hours – read this letter now...

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