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American Idol Auditions.
American Idol Audition Secrets that Can Get You Past the First Round of the Show! Did you know that the average American Idol audition last season lasted just 26 seconds? That's not a long time to leave a good impression. But some performers manage to do it in ways you'd never guess, and we'd like to share some of those ways with you here. It's really not that difficult to make it past the first round of the auditions and on to the TV part of the show if you know what you're doing and you prepare.

Buy Dvds & Games Wholesale & Save Money.
Learn How & Where To Buy Dvds & Games From The Cheapest Wholesale Sources In The Us & Uk. Have you ever wondered where the major retail chains and video rental stores get their cheap DVDs and video games? It's no great secret that they are paying a fraction of what you pay by buying direct from DVD wholesalers - and - making a ton of money - that's why so many people are now selling DVDs on places like eBay.

The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation.
Non-profit organization honoring Rod Serling in his hometown. No one could know Serling, or view or read his work, without recognizing his deep affection for humanity ... and his determination to enlarge our horizons by giving us a better understanding of ourselves.

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