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ESL Trainers
Practical esl/tesol career training e-guide. Teach adult professionals 1:1. Acquire lucrative global profession. re you a native English speaker? Are you presently living in a non-English speaking location? Are you considering a career move? How about becoming an ESL Trainer? Learn everything you need to know from this unique e-guide to the exciting and lucrative field of English as a Second Language.

Eteach: A Teacher Resource.
A teacher resource for learning the strategies of Master Teachers. Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies You Can Use (Right Now) To Eliminate Classroom Management Problems Forever! Introducing the best practices of effective teaching. Finally an ebook that addresses classroom management style and academic achievement. Whether you need first grade classroom management tips or effective teaching strategies for large lectures...
Provides English Literature study guides to high school students and teachers. Welcome... ... to the website, which provides literature resources to students worldwide working towards external examinations and to their teachers.

Make Money Teaching.
Tips and secrets on how to make money teaching anything to anybody. You too can earn over $50 an hour teaching students part time or full time Are you already teaching private students? Do you tutor students? Are you teaching guitar? Do you want to learn how to start a cooking school? Would you love to have your own karate school, dance school, art studio, driving school? Do you teach ballet, music, painting, martial arts, computer software, book keeping, photography? Do you have skills that you want to teach to others?

Substitute Teaching.
How to be a Successful Substitute Teacher. How do you spell TV?, Do monkeys kiss?, Why are my boogers blue?, Can I chew on a safety pin?, Are you a grandpa or an aunt? Funny questions? You bet they are, and who asked them? Kids in elementary schools! They often ask me questions like these when I substitute teach, and that's one of the things that make substitute teaching so enjoyable. Everyday in school I tell kids that I think substitute teaching is the most fun job in the world, and I really believe that it is. It's never boring, it's always challenging, and it's chockfull of surprises. Oh, boy, is it ever! Plus, you get to make an impact on children's lives. How cool...

The Super Teaching In Japan HandBook.
Become a high earning English Teacher in Japan. inally ... A step-by-simple-step guide to teach in Japan and succeeding at it! Man Makes His Dreams Come True In Japan With No Experience And Finally Reveals How He Did It, Step By Step? Guaranteed! From Sunny Japan

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