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Court Reporter Job Guide.
I will reveal a simple step-by-step strategy that will show you how you can go to court reporting school and get FREE court reporter training, quickly land the court reporter job you want, and make a court reporter salary of up to $100,000 or more!

Got An Idea? Get A Patent!
Get Patent Pending status & protect your inventions without expensive attorneys or lawyers. Save thousands of dollars in attorneys fees by preparing your own patent application without the aid of an attorney! See Pricing It?s as easy as 1? 2? 3? Presto

Police Career: Become A Cop.
Career guide for aspiring Police Officers. Police career, law enforcement, Cops, book. Critically acclaimed book leads aspiring police officers from the initial testing process to achieving veteran officer status. Critically acclaimed book So you want to be a cop leads aspiring police officers from the initial testing process to achieving vetearan officer status. Realistic appraisals of the difficulties involved in cops' personal relationships and the hazards of so-called routine police work...shift work, burnout, etc.

Property Tax Ax.
Property Tax Appeal Reduction: How To Win Your Case. How to determine the value of real estate. Who Else Wants To Win A Property Tax Appeal? Attention Homeowners If you're not using these principles when you do your property tax appeal, you're leaving a TRUCKLOAD of money on the table: Home Property Tax Appeals I've billed customers for over 12-years doing appraisals, property tax appeals and advising on property tax matters for $100,000 - $1,000,000,000 + homes on a time-tested, proven appraisal system that virtually eliminates risk, guesswork and uncertainty ...

Secrets Of Winning The Estate Tax Game.
Estate planning system. legally keeps every dollar of your wealth in the family, instead of losing it to the Irs.

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