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Attention Deficit Disorder A To Z.
Comprehensive Guide to Adhd for parents. You?ve heard a lot about it, but can never learn quite enough. Finally, all of your ADD/ADHD questions will finally be answered, all in one up-to-date and credible resource! How Long Have You Waited For A Single Guide That Will Tell You Everything There is to Know about ADD and ADHD, in Terms that Everyone can Understand? The answer? Too long! That?s why...

Better Behavior Wheel Parenting Tool.
An upbeat, fun parenting tool for parents wishing to manage their behavior challenged kids. The Better Behavior Wheel upbeat, fun, and totally unique approach to child behavior management. Parents of ADHD/ODD Kids... Experience the Thrill of Well Behaved Kids Overnight with this One-Of-A-Kind, Powerful New Parenting Tool

More Fun - Less Work Parenting Method.
New curiosity based system dissolves power struggles, tantrums, whining. Turns kids into happy cooperative family team members. Do you believe being a good parent requires you to sacrifice for your kids? That kids inherently hate rules? Misbehavior is wrong? If so, you'll be shocked and amazed by an incredible new learning method that turns these (and many more) common parenting beliefs totally upside down... Introducing the...

Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five.
Raising Kids With Life Skills makes both parenting and growing up easier to do. What secret? I'll reveal it in just a few moments. But I'll tell you this... growing up is hard to do and children want you to learn this secret because it makes growing up much easier for them. Just as you want to be a successful mom or dad, your children want to be successful too. Successful at being a kid, successful at growing up. They really do. But what do they know? After all, they're the new kids on the block to this adventure called life.

Practical Parenting Advice.
Free parenting advice and support on children's behaviour. Run by Dr Andy Gill (PhD in Psychology), Practical Parenting Advice is a FREE one-stop resource for parents and professionals wanting tips and support on child behaviour, development and family relationships. It has won many international awards and is ranked in the top 3 parenting sites worldwide.

Solving The Bullying Problem.
An eBook that offers solutions to parents and victims of bullying. In our new ebook, Free From Bullies, we will show you the exact steps you need to take to eliminate bullying from your child?s life. And the steps are explained in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Have you ever wondered why your attempts to get help from the school or club have failed? Bullying is a difficult issue and some teachers and leaders do not have the confidence to...

Youth Change.
Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth lesson series ebooks deliver immediate help to turnaround your troubled, defiant, and challenged youth and children. This series is packed with must-have, innovative interventions to stop problems with violence, anger control, withdrawal, non-compliance, poor motivation, school failure, peer conflict, low self-esteem, bad attitudes, truancy, dropping out, and...

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