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Lingerie and Body Image
Why do we put clothes on when we get up in the morning? To look good? To feel good? Because we have to? Why do women feel the need to wear attractive lingerie and intimate apparel, even when no one is going to see it? How do societal norms affect our perceived self image and what we wear, both inside and out? In full article

Lipstick - So Many Choices
Lipstick is a fashion accessory that some women just can't do without. Lipstick has been the one cosmetic staple that most women have relied on. It's not uncommon for a woman to put on lipstick before anything else and in the case of being in a hurry many women forego mascara or blush and reach for full article

What Every Woman Should Know About Fashion
If you are the average woman, knowing all the ins and outs of fashion is not something you have time to learn and research. With our busy lives, we just buy what we think will look nice and is affordable. However, there are some simple rules you can follow to keep yourself "In Fashion", so to speak. These rules are: full article

Women's Fashion Ponchos Get Sexy This Summer
Ponchos have come down from the high plains and back into high fashion on to the catwalks this season. Women's fashion ponchos featured strongly on the catwalks this season. Gone are the heavy, horse-blanket style ponchos of yesteryear, replaced by delicate fabrics and sexy styles that complement every body. full article


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