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Favorite Lipstick Discontinued? Try Custom Blended Cosmetics!

(ARA) - For women, finding the perfect lipstick can be as challenging as shopping for a bathing suit. The latest trend in the beauty arena now offers women the opportunity to have their lipstick and other color cosmetics custom blended to match perfectly with their skin tone, hair color, eye color and lifestyle.

Custom Blended makeup is the result of a countrywide resurgence in customer service. Women today want to be listened to rather than "sold", and custom made products -- whether it be jeans, skin care or makeup -- allow for that personalized attention. Also, it seems that women today are less concerned with looking like everyone else -- they are more concerned with finding colors that look perfect on them, rather than responding to fleeting trends. Women who are lucky enough to find the right colors for themselves are often eventually left out in the cold because of the seasonal discontinuing of color cosmetics. Custom blended cosmetics can help there, too.

The color experts at Three Custom Color Specialists can custom blend any shade of the rainbow for lips, cheeks, eyes and face using an extensive library of colors and shimmers. The color specialists can match clients' old favorites from just a small sample or create new personalized colors according to the client's individual needs. For those clients who remember the brand name and color name of a cherished shade but cannot locate their original, Three Custom Color Specialists has an archive of more than 6,000 discontinued lipstick shades from every brand imaginable -- women are likely to finally find the lipstick they have been missing for years!

Let's face it -- most women have developed a strong bond with certain favorite shades over the years. "I've had a long-term relationship with a particular lipstick shade for years. It is really the only color that looks good on me," says Kathy Dolan from New York. "I panicked when I learned the color was discontinued, so a friend suggested I have the shade custom blended by Three Custom Color Specialists. Now whenever I am running low, I always know who to call!"

Here's how it works: You can mail a dime-sized sample of what you would like re-created to Three Custom Color Specialists' New York laboratory, or when you are in the New York area, you can make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation where the color experts personally offer their insights and expertise. This one-on-one service is especially helpful for women who have a difficult time finding shades that work for them or need color and application advice. All custom blended colors are hand manufactured within five business days and all shades created for their clients remain on file in the laboratory's permanent archives for easy re-ordering.

Their many years of experience in the marketplace and hands-on work in their laboratory afford the founders and their skilled team of colorists incomparable insight into the world of color. In fact, Three Custom Color Specialists has become an underground cult hit and ultimate resource for the beauty press, fashion-forward women around the world and professional makeup artists for all mediums.

Paula Begoun, beauty expert and author of "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" says of their service: "Three Custom Color Specialists specializes (and excels) in what they have dubbed a Custom Blending Service. Send them a color swatch or the last sliver of a favorite discontinued lipstick, or a drop of a beloved nail polish shade that you cannot find a perfect lip color match for, and they will duplicate it so accurately you will be stunned, and perhaps even overjoyed, that you and a favorite color are together again. It's a remarkable service that is made even sweeter by the attention to detail and enthusiasm of the team."

Three Custom Color Specialists enjoy consummate customer loyalty, as they never discontinue any of their Ready-to-Wear products and maintain meticulous records of every custom blend so clients can re-order favorite shades again and again.

For more information on custom blended makeup visit or call toll-free (888) 262-7714.

Article courtesy of ARA Content.


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