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Innovation Makes a Popular Garment More Comfortable

(ARA) - Women love to wear camisole tops, but often shy away from them because they know their bra straps will be exposed. Well, say goodbye to the retro chic mess of bra straps fighting camisole or tank straps and hello to fabulously simple shape and support.

Women will extol the virtues and versatility of Hidden Assets, the new camisole top with a built-in underwire bra being launched this August by Cuddl Duds. Combining function and fashion and aimed at modern women of all ages, Hidden Assets is Cuddl Duds' first ever two-in-one camisole top designed exclusively with built-in molded stretch foam cup underwire bras.

In soft, form-fitting stretch materials meant to enhance today's sweetly feminine or stylishly sexy clothing, Hidden Assets uses the innovative techniques of Cuddl Duds for built-in bras that create a natural bust shape, whether the wearer is modestly or voluptuously endowed. The precisely engineered molded cups are made of smooth stretch foam. A polyester power netting back, edged in an elastic comfort band, creates a perfect fit, eliminating the need for back hooks and anchoring the bra for better support. Moreover, this patented built-in bra alleviates the flattening effect often associated with many "shelf" bra tops.

The Hidden Assets camisole with built-in bra serves as a basic keystone to a woman's wardrobe, to be worn alone as is or as a layering piece for casual or career dressing. Accommodating a woman's ever-changing fashion moods, the Hidden Assets camisole is designed in silky, suede-finished Micro fiber/Spandex in neutrals of white, black and nude and fashion hues of Wedgwood blue or raspberry and in casual cotton/Spandex in white or black.

All Hidden Assets camisoles have adjustable straps for individual comfort and custom fit. Sized XS, S, M and L, the cami tops correspond to bra sizes 32 B-C, 34 B-C, 36 B-C and 38 B-C, respectively. The top, available in major department stores beginning in November, will be priced at $25.

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