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Budget Basics to Beat Back-to-School Blues: Making Kids' Clothes Last Longer Than a Fashion Fad
Finding the right balance between what your kids want right now, what you think they should be wearing for school and what you're able to spend is a real headache. But it shouldn't be that hard. Some simple steps can help you find -- and care for -- cool clothes for your kids that won't fade faster than this season's hot trend. full article

Casual or Corporate -- Looking Your Best in a 9 to 5 World
Almost all fashion experts agree, when we walk in a room, we're judged within the first few seconds -- not by our shining personalities or bright minds --but by what we're wearing. full article

Express Clothing: How To Dress In A Flash!
Express clothing performance is a tall order unless you plan your wardrobe appropriately. If you want to get dressed in a flash and look great when you're done, you need to follow these "express fashion" guideline. full article

Favorite Lipstick Discontinued? Try Custom Blended Cosmetics!
For women, finding the perfect lipstick can be as challenging as shopping for a bathing suit. The latest trend in the beauty arena now offers women the opportunity to have their lipstick and other color cosmetics custom blended to match perfectly with their skin tone, hair color, eye color and lifestyle. full article

Gifts for Tweens Need Style
They can be some of the hardest people to shop for -- not bosses, neighbors or parents, but tweens, those youngsters between the ages of 8-14. No longer little kids, but not quite full-blown teens, this demographic has a style all their own. Teen and tween room decorating projects add up to $17 billion a year, according to industry expert Paula Berberian. Always trying to define their own style and taste, while still keeping up with the latest trends, this group can be hard to buy for. full article

Innovation Makes a Popular Garment More Comfortable
Women love to wear camisole tops, but often shy away from them because they know their bra straps will be exposed. Well, say goodbye to the retro chic mess of bra straps fighting camisole or tank straps and hello to fabulously simple shape and support. full article

Ponchos Power Fuels Fall Fashion
When it comes to fashion "must-haves" this season, it's hard to top the poncho. Once dismissed as clothing for hippies, this 70's-inspired design has now swung back into style as a sophisticated -- and diverse -- element of cool weather style. full article

Stacy London's Six Steps to Seasonal Clothing Care
Doesn't it seem like we were just hauling summer clothes out of storage and burrowing for our bathing suits? What happened? Summer faded faster than a fashion fad. Now with winter setting in, it's time to switch Capri's for cardigans and prepare our wardrobes for winter. But before you simply dump your best summer clothes in storage boxes and break out your winter wardrobe, plan ahead. An extra 30 minutes now could protect your clothes year round. full article


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